Employment agencies are the mediums that connect recruiters with job seekers. The services offered by them help individuals in finding the best suitable jobs and help employers in hiring proficient candidates.

Also known by recruitment agencies or staffing firms, professional employment agencies provide two sided benefits which are described as follows:

Employer side benefits:

  • Reduce advertising costs: Employment agencies greatly reduce expenses associated with the advertising of vacant seats, and hiring process. The administration can use that capital for the benefits of the organization.
  • Save valuable time: If an organization requires an applicant for temporary purposes to fill a vacant position because the employee who worked on that position is on long-term leave. In such situation, executing the complete hiring process can be time-consuming. Here is where employment agencies play an important role by providing them pre-screened employee candidates.
  • Wide selection for candidates: Professional employment firms have links with other agencies. When an organization announces vacancies, these agencies can provide them a number of suitable applicants to make an appropriate selection.

Employee side benefits:

  • Candidates can make their choice from a number of companies.
  • Candidates will be provided with up-to-the-date information of vacancies and they can have access to the firms that do not, generally, advertises their vacancies.