The biggest criterion to get an executive assistant job is merit. What reflects in your resume plays the most crucial role in opening up new avenues and opportunities for your career.

But in order for your talents to thrive, you need to be placed in the kind of set up that is suited to your strengths, weaknesses and mindset.
The following factors play a key role in determining the suitability of a certain professional set-up to your needs.

1. Your job profile and job requirements should give you chance to exploit as many specialties that you possess, like:

  • Managerial
  • Administrative
  • Technical

2. If you have any other attributes, for example, if you are good at taking orders, or you are open to flexible working hours, you should work in the kind of work environment that allows to showcase the same

3. Perhaps, the most important requirement of a job profile is growth. The only way you can fully put all your talents to good use is if you are given your fair share of opportunities to climb up the professional ladder

So, if you are relying on an employment agency to place you in a good company, don’t hesitate to lay down a list of your talents, specializations, strengths, weaknesses, and qualities to make sure you get affiliated to an ideal brand.
Entrust in an agency that surveys your skills and background to have a clear account of your abilities and provides with a suitable job opportunity.