The first step of making a place for yourself in a cooperative set up is getting that great job.
A place where you can apply yourself to your full potential and make the most of your time, skills, and mind!
But being loyal to the company is just as important, if not more.
Yes, you may at some point get a better job offer from a different company but before you take the tough decision of choosing between your old job and a seemingly better job in a new place, consider the following advantages of being a loyal employee:

  • Even if your paycheck pales in comparison to the new one, bear in mind that you might be higher in the ranks when it comes to promotion opportunities which will prove to be more fruitful in the wrong run.
  • If you stick to the same brand for a long period of time, and gain an experience of 5-10 years, you establish yourself as a reliable and professional employee which will work in your favor if you wish to branch out to accomplish bigger and better things
  • By staying in the same company, you understand its ways and work-ethics, which will be of a great assistance if you are handed over the onus of a high administrations or managerial post
  • Older employees are better connected with the company. Everybody knows your name and understands your specialties and mental tendencies. So, the longer you stay in the same company, the better-suited you will continue to be.
  • It’s impossible not to develop a growing sense of belonging to a company that you have served in for a long period. This empowers you to perform your duties in a more passionately and with a personal approach, improving you overall performance and that too for the betterment of the company, you love so much.