While reviewing an advertising or notification for any job, what is the first thing that you look at? You start reviewing if all the bulleted points and qualities required for the designation matches with your skills set or not. Upon noticing that at least five of seven points are exactly what you are good at, you may feel that you are just the right candidate for that job profile.

But what if you end up realizing that those two missing ones were the most important and crucial ones for the employer. Probably those two were the requirements without which a potential candidate will not even be considered and shortlisted.

This is where headhunter agencies come into play. In addition to giving valuable placement services, these agencies work closely with their clients looking for candidates. They are more familiar with what are the core requirements; recruiter is actually looking for. Headhunter agencies give advice to the candidates about which skills are primary and which ones are secondary.

By knowing such useful details and information, individuals can stay ahead and in the front line during recruitment.