Just completing your education with flying colors is not enough, but the way you present yourself in front of employers is equally crucial. The first step to presenting yourself in front of a potential employer is via your resume.

Your resume if the face of your qualification, skills, talents, and every other thing that could assist in climbing up the corporate steps. Of course, there are headhunter agencies to help you land in the right career opportunity, but the quality, style and layout of your resume is a big deciding factor that could either increase or decrease our chance of being shortlisted in the very first stage.

A poorly designed, unprofessional looking resume may not attract the company. Also you need to explicitly mention and highlight what key qualities you possess. Never be hesitant to mention some additional achievements that you have scored in the past. Mention every single aspect, you feel could get you in the eyes of your desired company’s recruitment department’s head.

Mention additional training you have undergone, some previous part-time employment history, participation in any sort of relevant project and every other associated thing that you could think of. Never forget, it is your resume that will first come across your employers. So present it intelligently and professionally.