Your curriculum vitae or more commonly shortened as CV is the mirror of your professional potential that actually reflects what you are worthy and capable of. So never miss out on creating your CV in the most professional manner. Keep it as organized as possible because a neat and systematic resume would make you stand out from the piles of other CVs available with headhunter agencies.

Never forget to describe in detail the type of position you are in search of. List-out each and every relevant piece of information in chronological order. For instance, it is advised to list out your job experience in the order of year. So include your first job experience first, accordingly followed by the last one at the end.

Another advisable tip is to attach a passport size photograph along with your curriculum vitae. Generally resumes that have a photograph attached have higher chances of being shortlisted over others.

Lastly, specifically target the potential industries you would like to work in. For example specifically mention whether you want to work in electronics, healthcare, engineering, communication and media, IT, biotechnology, banking or any other major industry.