As one of the best staffing firms in NYC we are here to explain some of the best months
to apply for your new career. There are also a few months throughout the year that you will
want to avoid. January and February tend to be the most popular hiring months across the
board. This is likely because hiring managers have received their budgets for the year and are
ready to hit the ground running. There is also likely a backlog of hiring that was put on hold for
the holidays that they are ready to get back into.
Typically, January starts off slow with reviewing resumes and phone interviews as hiring
managers and employees get back to work after the holidays. Also, many companies pay out
large bonuses in December so many employees wait until January to put in their letter of
resignation. This can cause large shifts in hiring around the first of the year. March, April, and
May are considered second best when it comes to hiring or applying for a new position. There is
typically still significant momentum left over from January/February hiring that needs to be
fulfilled. However, there may be more competition to sift through as the months continue on.
Many employers feel pressure to make a decision prior to the summer months so you likely will
be told quickly whether or not you received the position which is always a bonus.
June, July, and August are difficult months to be applying for a new career. Many
business owners and hiring mangers take vacations during the summer months. There is
typically a hold placed on new hiring during this time. While this does not mean that every
single company has a hold on hiring, it simply is the general rule for the masses. As one of the
best staffing firms in NYC we always suggest applying for your new career in January or
February if you can help it.