As we close out the year 2022 many employees and employers alike are looking to 2023
and wondering what we can expect in the world of employment. Businesses such as
employment agencies NYC often track this data throughout the year. This information can be
extremely helpful when looking for your next career move or while looking to hire new
employees. The general consensus is that unemployment will remain low nationwide. As 2022
comes to a close the unemployment rate is hovering around a low 3.2%. Below is a brief list of
professions that are expected to increase in demand during the upcoming new year.
 Nurse Practitioner: Nurse practitioners are able to perform all the same tasks that a
doctor is able to except for the task of prescribing medication (in most states). In order
to become a nurse practitioner you will need a graduate degree in nursing and all
appropriate licensing based on your state.
 Data scientist: Companies across the board from Avis to Verizon need to analyze their
numbers and other information to help figure out the best ways for their businesses to
be more successful.
 Information Security Analyst: Internet hackers are always looking for a new ways to
break into private information. Security analysts work to prevent these breaches.
 Umpire, Referee, Sports Official: Sports enthusiasm continues to grow across the nation.
School districts, rec leagues, major and minor leagues all need officials to keep the game
running fairly.
 Web Developer: The career of a web developer is typically able to be completed
remotely. More individuals than not rely on the internet to stay informated and
connected. Website developers work to help keep everyone connected and informed.