As the best staffing firm in NYC, we are all too familiar with interview ghosting. If you
are unfamiliar with the term “ghosting,” it refers to intentionally ignoring another individual or
group of individuals. While most people think of the company giving the interview as those
doing the ghosting it truly goes both ways. Employees and interviewees are doing an equal
amount of ghosting towards the interviewers and companies in general as well. As the best
staffing firm in NYC, we encourage you to avoid ghosting whenever possible. It is simply
common courtesy to write a simple reply back that you are no longer interested. It is always
kind to follow up with a basic reply whenever possible.
Now that we have established that “ghosting” has become a common practice, the real
question is how can we avoid it? During your interview it is helpful to set realistic expectations.
Ask that hard questions during the interview so that there are no surprises later. Make sure
that you ask the interviewer when you can expect to hear from them and how. Will they be
sending you an email? Will they be giving you a call? Will there be another round of interviews?
By setting up these expectations in advance it helps let the interviewer know that you are
serious and it sets you up for the greatest success possible in avoiding future ghosting.
It is also important that you follow-up with the company yourself after an interview.
Follow through shows you take initiative and are serious and excited about the position. It is
perfectly acceptable to express regular interest in the position. If you have any questions about
the perfect interview techniques, we are here to help. We have extensive knowledge and
experience with interviewing in New York City and are here to walk you through the process.