As the best staffing agency New York, we understand how stressful it can be preparing
for an interview. If you have made it this far in the game, you likely want this position very
badly. While it’s nice to show enthusiasm in an interview you want to avoid sounding
desperate. Through years of experience, we have seen many interviews go well by following a
few simple guidelines. Please see below for tips to follow if you want to rock your upcoming
 Be passionate: Employers love passionate people. Passionate people tend to have a
strong work ethic and great motivation and drive. If you are a passionate person about
what you love, and your work make sure you let this shine through at your interview.
 Sell yourself: Talk yourself up. For introverts this can be extremely hard, but it is very
important since you only get one shot to impress the interviewer.
 Tell stories: Stories make you relatable. Tell stories to help give examples about
stressful situations you have conquered in previous work environments.
 Ask questions: Questions make you sound more interested in the company and the
position. Ask questions to help keep yourself involved.
 Ask for the job: Finally, you want to remember to ask for the job. You are on this
interview for a reason, do not forget why. Conclude the interview by boldly and politely
asking for the position. You will likely catch them off guard in a positive manner.
As the best staffing agency New York, we want to remind you that every interview is a
learning experience. Even if you do not get that job, you are one step closer to landing your
dream job. Take all of the experience that you can from each interview and use it to get better
and better for the future.