As an experienced staffing company New York we have witnessed first-hand the
dramatic shift to indefinite remote work for most companies. However, working remotely is not
a new concept for many employees. There are many situations, companies, and employees
where they have been working from home for years. The technology available today has
enabled effective remote work for years. Nevertheless, is it effective for the employee? It
seems that remote work has proven effective for most businesses. Employees seem to be more
fulfilled with their work/life balance and are able to produce the same quality level of work – in
most cases. Some employees struggle to motivate themselves from home and take advantage
of the system, but this is not the majority. Yet many employees report feeling
Roughly 80% of remote workers say they have not been promoted since their shift to
remote work. Whether this is a new development post COVID or they have been working
remotely for years, these employees report no promotion was given when they previously
received multiple. Only 74% had access to regular trainings and felt involved in the
development of the company. About a third of remote workers felt they missed pertinent
information that in person employees received. Roughly 36% of employees felt that they were
not included in business decisions that they should have been included on.
As an experienced staffing company New York, we see this time and time again with the
shift to remote work. Employers need to adjust to the new way of life and accommodate for
the fact that remote employees can be just as effective and valued as in-person employees. If
you have recently made the switch to remote work, we highly recommend keeping a rigid
schedule and planning social interactions. This will help prevent any social isolation and help
keep you motived to stay productive at home.