There are many benefits to using an employment agency. It can be overwhelming when looking for a career change or a new company to call “home.” We want to make sure we always find the best fit for our employees and employers as well. Below are a few of the benefits of using an employment agency from the viewpoint of the employee. 

  1. We Do The Heavy Lifting: Using an employment agency New York is a hassle-free experience. We do all the upfront research to find the best matches based on your skill-set, qualifications, and goals. We hope to find the best match for both you and the employer.
  2. Multiple Job Openings: With the use of an employment agency you have the opportunity to interview for multiple companies during a short time period. This not only allows the employer to find the best match for the available position but for you to have options that feel right for you. 
  3. Gain Valuable Feedback: Most of the time when you go on an interview and do not receive an offer for the position you are left wondering, “what went wrong.” When using an employment agency, such as Alist Associates, the employer provides helpful feedback regarding the interview that allows you to continue to improve and grow in your interviewing skills. 

If you are searching for an available position or an executive assistant position in New York, we would be happy to help you find the perfect match. We would also be happy to help you improve not only your resume itself but your interviewing skills as well. Please feel free to reach out to us at your convenience.