The current job market is still seeing many positions being offered as remote work-from-home jobs. While this is great from a commuting perspective, it means that it is likely that your interview will all be done virtually as well. Here are 3 tips to prepare for your next virtual interview. 

  1. The backdrop- Your video camera will allow the hiring manager to see what is behind you. Although using virtual backgrounds to put yourself on a beach may be tempting, don’t do it. Instead, try to keep the background as simple as possible. This could mean that you move your desk to position your screen to a blank wall or even a door. They don’t want to see your messy bed or room so many sure everything is neat before you interview. Check your lighting which can be as simple as sitting by a window or careful positioning of a standing light. 
  2. Dress like you would in an in person interview- Since you won’t be meeting with your interviewer in person, this is your one chance to make a lasting first impression. You will also feel more confident if you are dressed professionally. Ditch the sweatpants under the desk, commit fully to this interview which could land you your dream job. We recommend sticking to solid colors that won’t be distracting on camera. 
  3. Body Language- Maintaining eye contact through the screen may be a bit difficult, but in virtual interviews, it can make all the difference. Avoid using hand gestures and lean in a bit to the computer showing that you are paying attention to what they are saying. Smiling and keeping good open posture helps to relay that you are excited and open to the new opportunities this position could present you with. 

A recommended practice for any interview is to follow up with an email thanking them for taking the time to speak with you. Send this right after your virtual interview, you’re already sitting at your computer! If you are looking for a position in New York, our staffing firm could have the answer you are looking for. Working with the right employment agency can make all the difference in finding you a job that works with your goals.