The current downturn in the economy caused by COVID19 is making a lot of people rethink their resume. It is making many people ask themselves these questions: What makes an executive resume “executive?” Is it the format? Is it the content? Or is it the personal marketing strategy? Executive resumes are different in all these areas. Executive resumes are targeted toward a hiring agent who is seeking more than the typical job seeker’s qualifications. The executive assistant behind the resume must meet specific qualifications that surpass the regular achievement-based resume. An executive assistant’s resume must demonstrate success in leadership in past positions, plus outline success strategies that can or will be carried to his/her next employer. In short, an executive assistant’s executive resume brings all these finer points together into a highly crafted document. 

The resumes we hope to present to our clients not only present a top-tier appearance at first glance, but also incorporate the personal branding and sales strategy that is necessary to achieve the executive interview. An executive assistant’s resume must present a “big picture” overview of the applicant’s career path and how in each position, he or she has demonstrated the ability to take the reins and bring the organization into steady growth, new markets, expanded offerings, or new directions. These issues are quite different from the mid-level or entry-level resumes that concentrate primarily on skills and concrete accomplishments. 

To produce an effective executive resume that will win interviews, we work with our applicants to gain a close understanding of their work style, their goals, and what they feel are the selling points in their career. We then design a communication strategy to use in the resume that will persuade our clients to reach out to the applicant for an interview. A resume not only must portray the executive’s professional experience but must also communicate a desire to succeed and an in-depth knowledge of industry. 
While many job seekers feel comfortable writing their own resumes, the successful executive assistant understands the value of investing in good marketing – and marketing is what the executive does! We therefore suggest that you consider having a professional write or at least go over your resume. Are you ready to make that investment in your career success? If so, contact us today. Our staffing company in New York stands out from the other employment agencies in NYC. Our clients are among some of the most prestigious companies in the US.