Some people have the tendency to not take a phone interview as seriously as they would an in person interview. This is possibly because the interviewer and interviewee are not face to face. Or maybe it is because you can do a phone interview in your PJs and in the comfort of your own home. However, phone interviews should be taken just as seriously as in person interviews. Here are the best phone interview tips we’ve collected that may help you land that second chance at your ideal job.

  • Find a good location: Make sure you are in a quiet place with great reception. (You may wish to use a landline phone over a cell phone which can drop the call or lose battery power at a critical moment.) This way you will be able to be heard and to concentrate on the interviewer’s questions. 
  • Understand who is calling: You will want to gather together as much public information about the recruiter as possible before going into the interview. A good place to start is the site LinkedIn. For example, you will want to know the person’s role at the company, their background with the company, etc.
  • Know what questions you may be asked: There are some standard questions that an interviewer may ask you when they call: “Tell me a little bit about your work history?” “Why are you looking to leave your current company?” “What was your favorite/least favorite element of your last position?” “Why are you interested in coming to work for us?” Thinking about how you will respond to some of these questions will help the interview process flow easier.
  • Dress up: This may sound like a ridiculous piece of advice but hear us out: Dressing up for your phone interview may help you have a more professional attitude than if you were lounging around in your PJs eating Häagen-Dazs.
  • Confirm next steps: Though this is sometimes difficult, be sure to ask your interviewer for the necessary follow up information for taking you to the next step in hiring. Ask them about time lines, when the next contact will be, etc.

In the end, treat phone interviews with the same seriousness and preparation that you would give to an in-person interview. By doing so, you will put yourself in the best position to land that dream job. Our employment agency in New York can help you too through our contacts with some the most prominent companies in the state. We are the best staffing firm in NYC and our clients know that they can rely on us for highly qualified help.