In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic, many people have found themselves in the position of having to work from home. If this situation applies to you then welcome. You have entered a brave, new world! Among the benefits of this transition from working in an office to working from home is that you have a front row seat to the happenings in your child’s life. However, we know that making the transition to working from home can be difficult. Thus, you are likely to face quite a few adjustments to this new working environment. And just as companies have had to adapt in light of the current pandemic, so can you. It simply takes time to get adjusted. Here are some tips to help you to plan an easy the transition: 

  • Prepare: If you don’t already have a setup, think of where you will be placing your office. The bedroom is a tempting location but be forewarned: This location can make your office location seem less professional. It can also tempt you to lie down when you are tired but need to work.  
  • Talk to other people who have made the transition: Working from home was becoming far more common even before the current influenza outbreak. Talk to others who are making this transition and ask them about their struggles and their successes.  
  • Communicate clearly with your workplace and your co-workers: Keep in contact with your co-workers who are also having to make the adjustment and with your employer so that you do not feel isolated. 
  • Set a time aside for work only: Don’t try to be Wonder Woman. Put the housework, bill paying aside and make a time for work only. Do not bounce back and forward between your household administrative tasks and the work your employer still demands that you do.  

Life at home can also be a shock because so many professionals never thought they’d end up working from there. They put all of their efforts into advancing in a career outside the home and never even considered staying at home until this crisis changed their priorities. We understand this and know that many companies are making this option available to employees since it is the only way they can still do business. As the best staffing agency in New York, we want to do our part in making this difficult time easier for our clients and our employees. Other employment agencies in New York have had to make the same adjustment. Take care of yourself and be safe.