It isn’t always easy to get settled into a new job. In fact, the first few days in a new position can be some of the most stressful times in a person’s career. Read on to learn how you can meet this challenge and make your new position both personally and professionally rewarding.

  • Hard work: Hard work pays huge dividends no matter which career you chose. First, it shows employers how much you care about the position you hold and the company as well. Second, it puts you in line for promotions when they are available. In short, you should put everything you can into every task you are given while you are at work.
  • Punctuality: Showing up for work on time gives your employer and co-workers theimpression that you are highly disciplined. Try to arrive a little early to the work place. Doing so will also give you time to prepare for your day at work. 
  • Show interest in the job: In the early weeks of starting a new position it is critical to ask questions about the work you will be doing. This will help you to perform your job better and show your colleagues and your employer that you are ready to perform the job with maximum efficiency.
  • Keep your work area clean: There are two main advantages to keeping a tidy work area. First, it can help you stay organized. This trait is essential for executive assistants in particular since part of what they do is to help executives keep their day organized. Second, it makes a good impression on co-workers, visitors and clients of the work place. You should develop the habit of cleaning and organizing your desk on an ongoing basis throughout the day.
  • Avoid office politics: It may be tempting to engage in gossip or office politics when starting a position but it is far from a wise thing to do. Try to remain neutral and focused on the job at hand when starting a new position.
  • Follow the chain of command: Everyone has someone they must report to. A sure way to antagonize peers and supervisors is to leapfrog over those who are directly above you. Make sure that when you do start a new position that you learn the organization’s hierarchical structure and that you adhere to it.
  • Assimilate: You never want to be theodd man (or woman) out in a new position. You can best assimilate in your new position by adhering to the dress code and by following the other rules and regulations of the company.

With a little bit of common sense and the urge to succeed, you can achieve success in any new position.. As the best staffing company in New York, we would like to help you achieve this goal while serving the needs of our clients. Our executive assistant staffing firm in New York works with the top companies in the world and will help give you the tools you need for career success.