Small, medium or large, all modern-day companies seek to give themselves every possible advantage over their competitors. Employment agencies like A-List Associates are one of the tools that most companies use for this purpose. Our vast pool of potential workers benefits companies in a number of ways. In fact, in some ways hiring through staffing agencies in New York has advantages over directly hiring workers. That is why nearly all companies use staffing firms.

Here other advantages our clients have found in using employment agencies in NYC

  • Market knowledge: Staffing agencies are more knowledgeable about the employment market and have greater resources when it comes to seeking out talent than the human resources How Staffing Agencies Benefit Your Companydepartment at most companies
  • They save companies money: Screening and recruiting potential employees cost time and money. Advertising alone can add up greatly over time for companies seeking qualified employees all of which will still incur many other expenses related to training, etc. We absorb the cost of advertising for your company thus allowing you to use those resources elsewhere.
  • Reduced risk: Training and other expenses are wasted when companies hire the wrong employee. Add to that the fact that when the wrong employee is hired the process and cost of hiring has to begin all over again. Engaging the services of an employment agency reduces these risks for companies.
  • More focused search: Employment agencies such as ours have developed channels and contacts that may not be available to the average human resources department. This allows for a more targeted search for candidates needing to fill particular positions. We can leverage our network of contacts to increase the chance that the right candidate will be matched with the right position.
  • Increased flexibility: One of the primary reasons companies use staffing firms such as ours is that it gives their company added flexibility in handling their specific workforce needs. For example, when your company hires through a staffing firm you have workers who are quickly available to handle unexpected surges in business, employees who are absent due to vacation or maternal leave, etc.

Finally, employees hired through employment agencies are a tremendous asset not just for private businesses but for the economy in general. You would be hard pressed to find a sector of the business world that does not engage the services of contract workers. Our company realizes, just as much as yours, the value that these workers add to your company and this is why we take every step of the hiring process seriously.