When our clients come to our employment agency to fill positions within their companies, they are understandably selective. After all, placing the wrong person into the wrong position is a losing situation for all parties involved. The candidate wastes time and money going to the company and the company wastes valuable time and money on training, etc.

We, at A-List Associates, are one of the most respected employment agency in NYC because we are selective in choosing what clients we serve as well as what applicants we ultimately accept. However, we feel that potential applicants should be just as selective as our clients are in choosing the right employment agency.

Here are some tips on choosing a great staffing agency to fulfill your employment needs.

  • Choose an employment agency with experience. How many times have you heard the expression “There is no substitute for experience?” Well it’s true. A great staffing agency should have experience in reaching out to client companies and with managing employees so that the needs of both the client and company can be fulfilled. Our founder, John Warren, has over 20 years experience in the staffing industry.
  • Pick a company that maintains an active line of communication with client companies and temps. A-List Associates is an
    executive assistant staffing firm in New York that has cultivated relationships with many top companies in New York City. Many of the companies we have relationships with are on the Fortune 500 list.
  • Choose a company that is selective in its hiring of applicants. A-List Associates carefully screens its applicants to insure that the needs of both clients and customers are properly met.
  • Choose a company with a high success rate: It’s important to know the overall success rate of any staffing firm. A-List Associates has placed applicants in prestigious companies all throughout New York. Ask us about our successes and about how we have placed executive assistants at New York’s top companies.

Yes, it is all about finding a staffing firm that meets your specific needs and by being selective you can increase the chances that your employment needs will be met. There are many employment agencies in New York City, but A-List Associates has the advantage of experience, relationships with leading companies and measurable success placing candidates within those firms. Those qualities are what put us one step above the others. Give us a call today to fulfill all your staffing and employment needs.