You’ve researched the company that will be conducting your interview. You’ve gone over the questions the interviewer may ask you in your head and still you are a nervous wreck. Pre-interview anxiety can get the best of even people who has been in the job market for some time. Here are 5 quick tips for coping with pre-anxiety —some of them are bound to work.

  • Be careful what you eat or drink prior to an interview: What you eat or drink can add a great deal of stress to the interview process. For example, too much caffeine can make you jittery and needless to say it is never a good idea to drink alcohol before an interview as this impairs your cognition, judgment, coordination etc. Also, avoid having a heavy meal before your interview as this may make you sleepy.
  • Prepare for the interview: Even job candidate who have had many interviews cannot always be in complete control of the process. However, by researching the company, knowing something about your interviewer and practicing beforehand, you will be more likely to impress the hiring manager.
  • Take steady breathes: Anxiety tends to make us take shallow breaths. If you are feeling anxious prior to the interview, try breathing in for a count of four, hold for two, and breathe out for a count of four. Do this for several minutes until your breathing returns to normal.
  • Take your time: Carefully formulate your response before answering questions given to you by your interviewer. Your interviewer will most likely be patient and not expect you to answer questions put to you hastily. If you draw a blank at any point simply say that you will have to give it some thought and come back to the question later in the interview.
  • Call an uplifting friend: Positive, caring friends and/or family members can help us through some truly stressful times. When you are about to go to your interview, call someone who can inspire you and give you encouragement. It might make all the difference in the world

Yes, pre-interview anxiety bundles together some of our strongest fears including public speaking, being judged by other and engaging with authority figures. So, there is nothing abnormal about having some anxiety before an interview. Just follow the above advice and try to use your anxiety to push you through what can actually be a rewarding and pleasant experience for both you and the interviewer. After all, he/she will more than likely be sympathetic towards the way you feel. Our permanent staffing in New York has opportunities for you that can be equally rewarding. Our employment agency in New York offers these opportunities to qualified professionals.