According to the American Staffing Association, more than 3 million temporary and contract workers work for staffing companies in America during an average week. This means that contract workers are a significant part of the work force and that their influence should in no way be underestimated. Many employers know that contract workers help them meet a whole host of challenges that they may not be able to otherwise. Here are 6 main benefits to hiring contract or temp workers:

  • Contract workers enable businesses to adjust more easily to workload fluctuations: Sometimes qualified workers are needed quickly such as when special projects cause a demand for more employees. They may also be needed during times of high employee absences and when someone leaves the company unexpectedly. A well-vetted contract worker can fill this void without causing the company to miss a beat.
  • Can save time and money: Generally, it is less expensive to hire a contract worker than it is to hire a permanent worker. However, for assignments that last longer than six months it is a better idea to hire permanent workers.
  • Shorter hiring process: Normally, the onboarding process is much shorter with temp and contract workers than it is with full-time permanent employees. This means that the executive assistant, office manager, etc. you hire can go to work for you without delay.
  • Better vetting: A worker hired through an agency is vetted twice – once by us and once by the company that is doing the hiring. This leads to a better qualified and more reliable workforce.
  • Lets businesses evaluate workers without a commitment: Many businesses these days employ temporary workers as a cost efficient way to test out potential full time, permanent employee. This gives both the employee and the employer an opportunity to see whether or not they are compatible with each other. business
  • Temps can help employers meet tight deadlines: By having a staffing agency be able to send businesses workers when they need them, they are able to handle the demands of special projects that might otherwise not be completed.

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