Most people know that you should never go into an interview cold. That is, you should never go into an interview with minimal knowledge about the company you may be working for at some point. Research helps you learn what the company does and what they desire in a candidate. Moreover, by learning all you can prior to the interview candidates are better able to answer questions the interviewer may ask. Here is a list of 5 key things you should research about an employer before you interview.

  • What they do: Sounds very simple doesn’t it? Well, it can be a tricky thing to know. This is because what some companies do can be quite complex. Moreover, a company may be involved in several areas or sell many products or services. One of the best ways to find out what a company does is to look at their “About Us” page. By researching this, you will prevent your interviewer from believing that you are uninformed and unprepared.
  • Key players of the organization: You can also find out about the key players in an organization by researching its “About Us” page. Here you will usually find a brief bio of the top people in a company. If you dig deeper you should also be able to find out who the managers, department directors, and especially the CEO/president of the company are. Finally, LinkedIn is also a good source to learn what employees say about the company and its leaders.
  • Know their culture: Pay attention to their descriptions on their website about the company in order to get a clue about its culture. You can validate these opinions beyond corporate speak by searching sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • Read up on the field in general: It is also a good idea to be fluent about the industry as a whole during an interview. This kind of knowledge can go a long way towards impressing interviewers as many candidates fail to do this kind of in depth research.
  • Research the person interviewing you: Finally, it may be a good idea to learn as much as you can about the person who will be interviewing you. This may help you connect with this person.

To summarize, researching the company that you be interviewing with will place you in the best possible light. After all, you want everything to go your way when you are applying for your dream job. Comprehensive knowledge about the company will help make the interview process less stressful and give you an edge over other candidates. We are the best staffing firm in NYC for helping people connect with Fortune 500 companies who are seeking the perfect candidate. Our executive assistant staffing firm in New York works with them on a daily basis to fulfill their needs and your dreams.