Temporary or contract opportunities offer a ton of benefits. In spite of this, many people still consider only permanent positions when seeking employment. And while it is most desirable to obtain a steady, full-time position in the workforce, consider the following ways temping can help you along your career path.

  • Entry to great companies: At A-List Associates we deal with some of the most influential and well-respected companies in New York and in fact the world. Temping exposes you to some of these companies so that when they do decide to hire full-time permanent you will be on the short-list (if you perform well and are a match for the company.)
  • Helps you grow your network: Everyone knows by now that networking is critical when it comes to seeking a job. Temping exposes you to people who may aid you in your job search even if you do not end up being hired by the particular company you are assigned to.
  • Boost skills: Temp positions give workers an opportunity to grow their skills either through the company to which they are assigned or the temp agency itself. Such skills can help make you a more viable candidate for companies in the future.
  • Helps you gain new references: If you haven’t worked with many people or organizations, finding good references can be nearly impossible. When you work temp jobs – and do well – you open up the possibility that you will gain new references that can aid you in your job search.working
  • Closes unsightly career gaps: Gaps in employment never look good on a resume. In fact, they can mean the difference between your resume ending up on the short list or being deleted.
  • Gives you a chance to diversify your experience: Temp opportunities often give you the chance to experience different types of workplace situations and indeed industries in a relatively short time period. This helps you grow your exposure to different technologies, different kinds of people etc. Ultimately, this gives you a competitive edge over applicants who had not had such exposure.

In short, there are many career benefits to temporary work. Our executive assistant staffing firm in New York can help you find work and help you launch a career at the same time. Staffing firms in NYC like ours can do so by partnering with the most prestigious companies in the state.