When it comes to securing a new job, a good salary is just one of the things that potential employees seek from prospective employees. In fact, some studies show that a high salary may not even be among the most important things that job seekers look for when searching for employment. Read on to find out what else employees look from potential employers beyond a steady paycheck.

  • Flexible hours: While it is understandable that not every job can have totally flexible hours, those that have somewhat lenient policies regarding work hours feel less like prisons for employees.
  • Clear communication: Workers need to know exactly what is required of them or they will be unable to perform in an efficient manner. Workplaces that clearly state company rules and have a clear and open process for employees to follow are happier and more productive.
  • Advancement opportunities: Employers should never assume that every employee will be content to remain in the position they are currently occupying. Many employees desire the opportunity to advance at some point in their employment. Lacking these opportunities, employees may move on to greener pastures. Therefore, workplaces should make mentoring programs and classes available to employees so that they can make the best of out their tenure with the company.
  • Autonomy: Second-guessing an employee’s every move can add to the day-to-day stress and aggravation that accompany all jobs. Once an employee is properly trained, management should empower employees to do what is required of them without being subjected to over-the-shoulder leadership.job
  • Security and stability: Every employee desires a stable and secure environment in which to work. This goes beyond a regular paycheck. Stability also means working for a company that is successful and will not be apt to close up shop overnight.
  • Work being appreciated: Recognition for a job well done helps motivate employees and drives them to perform better. An employee who is not valued as an important team member may be so discouraged as to consider quitting.

Finally, companies that give their employees the tools they need to succeed do better in the long term. Their employees are happier and more productive as well. Our top staffing firm in NYC does the research required to ensure that your company is an even match with interested candidates. That is the advantage of contracting with staffing agencies in New York.