We’ve all been there at one point or another. You’ve grown weary. You’re unhappy and feel unmotivated and the fault is that of a “bad” boss. For as much as we’d like to say that all bosses inspire confidence in their employees, we know that this is not true. So, what do you do when the boss is the kind of person who rubs you and other employees the wrong way? Try one or more of these tips. They may just help you to find some common ground with your boss and save your job at the same time.

  • Talk to him or her: Approach your boss and tell him/her what you need in terms of support, direction, etc. Part of the problem may be a simple lack of communication and feedback. Just remember to be diplomatic and open to your boss’s point of view.
  • Don’t let it affect your work: No matter bad how things get, be sure to stay on top of your work. You will want to stay on good terms with other managers in the firm by demonstrating that you are professional despite and differences you may have with the boss.
  • Ask to transfer to another department: If you think that the differences between you and your boss are irreconcilable and may in fact be lowering office morale, then you may wish to consider changing managers if possible. This is a superior option to quitting your job.
  • Seek a mentor from among other managers: A mentor may be able to provide you with more complete knowledge about your boss’s motivation and thus make it easier to understand him/her.
  • Identify triggers: Once you have talked to your boss and/or his superiors you may be able to identify his/her triggers thus lowering the odds of confrontation.boss
  • Go to your boss’s superior: This should only be done in extreme cases such as when the boss is abusive in one form or another. Even then, great care must be taken in how you approach your boss’s boss.
  • Find another job: As an absolute last resort you may have to consider moving on to another job. This is especially the case when the boss’s behavior/actions are impacting you negatively and carrying over into your personal life.

Everyone deserves a good boss who will bring out the best in his/her employees. Everyone deserves a boss who will help him grow his self-confidence and self-esteem. Unfortunately, we know that not all bosses possess these management skills. However, our executive assistant staffing company in NYC will do everything we can to make sure that you are a good match for the companies we deal with. Our executive assistant staffing firm in NYC partners with the top companies in New York and we invite you to check us out.