There is no doubt about it – good communications skills are an essential part of every workplace. Good communications makes workplaces more effective and more efficient. Conversely, poor communications skills can hurt workplace efficiency and morale in many ways. Moreover, poor workplace communications can lead to poor follow-through and frustration among the team. For this reason, we recommend that applicants strive to improve skills that lead to a more efficient and harmonious workplace. Here are 6 ways to improve your communication skills.

  • Listen actively: Listen closely to what your co-workers are trying to communicate to you. If you do not understand, asks questions to avoid later confusion. This will not only make you better liked among your co-workers and superiors, it will also improve your job efficiency.
  • Show awareness of others: Remember to consider other opinions and points of view. Be sure that your ideas and suggestions show concern for others. The input of others may actually improve your own suggestions.
  • Keep it positive: We all go through stressful periods throughout the day. However, when you are at work, try to remain positive and professional. If you begin to feel stressed take a break until the stress dissipates before communicating with others.
  • Text wisely: Workplaces communications these days greatly stresses the use of text and email. Never text anything that is too complicated and always observe texting and email etiquette. For example, all caps are the equivalent of shouting as is the use of exclamation marks.
  • Consider your body language: Maintain a relaxed stance when communicating with others and make sure that your facial expressions match your message. Be aware of what constitutes a defensive posture e.g., crossing your arms over your chest. Finally, make eye contact and smile when it’s appropriate to do so.communication
  • Take copious notes: In order to avoid misunderstandings, take notes at meetings and whenever you begin a new assignment. Short, concise notes will help you keep your instructions clear in your mind and can be shared with other team members. Finally, taking notes will also help you to frame your follow-up questions concerning new projects.

In conclusion, developing your communication skills will help you improve your image among your coworkers and managers. As one of the top staffing companies in NYC, we know how effective communications skills can be a valuable asset. Our top staffing firm in New York and its staff has other suggestions to help you communicate more effectively with co-workers and management as reaching out to the top businesses in New York is also one of our daily duties.