You’ve made it through your first interview for the position you are pursuing and now feel that you can breathe a sigh of relief. But wait! Don’t get too comfortable yet. The first interview that applicants undergo is often used by employers to select candidates who fill the basic requirements of the position. Hiring managers often conduct a second or possibly even a third interview with candidates in order to elicit more detailed information about a candidate’s skills, qualifications and experience. These interviews can be even more stressful than the first interview as they often include multiple interviewers such as management, staff and executives. As one of the top staffing firms in NYC, we wish to see you succeed in obtaining your dream position. Here are some of our suggestions for helping you to secure such a position using your second job interview.


  • Review and reflect on your performance from your first interview: If you’ve been granted a second job interview then obviously you’ve done something right during your first interview. However, don’t get too comfortable yet. Now that you have secured a second job interview it is time to reflect and review your first interview. Did you give answers that were in your mind unsatisfactory? Did you effectively highlight all of your attributes? Did you demonstrate your knowledge of the company? Review, reflect and correct for this second opportunity.
  • Be prepared for some tricky questions: Since new people may be among the interviewers, you may face a whole new round of difficult questions. These questions include: “How do youBusiness People. Successful Business Partner Shaking Hands in the office. Business Teamhandle difficult people? What are your weaknesses? What do you know about our company? What are your goals for five years and ten years out?”
  • Ask lots of questions: This demonstrates your interest in the position and the company. Also, before you leave ask when the interviewers will reach a decision and how you will be noticed.
  • Remain in selling mode: The fact that you have been granted a second interview says that the company is interested in you but has not reached a final decision yet. For this reason, continue to sell your attributes at every given opportunity.
  • Keep rehearsing your answers: Take the time to run through what you anticipate will be some of the tougher questions you may encounter. This may help to eliminate awkward pauses.
  • Don’t forget to say thank you: A thank you letter expresses your continued interest in the position and your appreciation for your interviewers.

As a top staffing firm in NYC we know a lot about interviews. That is why we can say that the second interview you are granted is even more important that the initial interview. It is your time to shine and to demonstrate to your interviewers that you are a good fit for the position you are seeking. Be prepared. Try to relax and that dream position can be yours.