Most employers strive to retain good employees and at the same time weed out ones who are not as productive as they desire. In fact, this is one way that successful companies maintain their edge over the competition. Therefore, it is incumbent upon employers to incentivize workers who are especially productive and who stand out from their co-workers. Here are just a few ways that smart employers retain good employees.

  • Pay above-standard rates: Good, productive work does not come cheaply. Pay your best performers well, but not ridiculously high salaries, in order to show that you value their skills and abilities. Apart from higher salaries, employers should offer employees incentives such as revenue sharing, rewards and gift cards, etc.Staffing companies in NYC
  • Create an open work environment: Actively listen to employee input and give productive feedback where needed. Being open to new ideas can improve workplace efficiency and morale.
  • Give good employees positive feedback: Do not assume that good workers know that they are appreciated. Give employees who perform exceptionally well positive feedback. This creates better workplace morale and it also encourages employees to continue do good work.
  • Provide growth opportunities: Give your employees opportunities for growth by providing them with tuition reimbursement, additional training, continuing education classes etc. Providing your employees with career growth opportunities will let them know that they are considered assets to your company.
  • Show respect: No one likes to feel as if they are not being respected. When it becomes necessary to criticize an employee try to do so in a respectful and constructive manner. If you must criticize, try to combine it with praise.
  • Make expectations and goals of the company clear: Communicate to employees exactly what is expected of them. Lack of effective communication can lead to poor performance even from exceptionally talented workers.
  • Don’t micromanage: Good employees know what is expected of them. Make yourself available for follow-up questions but do not hover over your workers.


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