As difficult as it may be for some job applicants to believe, the dreaded background check helps both the employer and the potential employee. It protects the integrity of the hiring process and it ensures that each candidate is matched with the appropriate position. Additionally, background checks also help protect the reputation of staffing firms in NYC such as A-List Associates.  So no matter how stress inducing the process may seem to be for potential hires, most companies do use this hiring instrument judiciously and for good reason. Other reasons background checks are important is that they can:


  • Detect false information: Unfortunately, some job candidates are not forthright with the information they supply on their applications. For companies that have special security concerns, a criminal background check, for example, can reveal employees who may potentially pose a threat to worker or client security.
  • Screen out drug abuse: Most companies have policies that forbid the use of illegal drugs by its employees. This is especially important in the transportation, pharmaceutical industries, background-checketc.
  • Protect the company against lawsuits: According to the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), the average settlement for a negligent hiring lawsuit is $1 million. Negligent hiring lawsuits can arise when an employee causes harm or injury on the job when the employer had reasonable cause to know that the employee was not qualified for that position.
  • Ensure education and credentials: Many candidates commonly falsify their level of education on either their application and/or their resume. However, employers seek to verify this information because it ensures that each candidate is properly suited to perform the job for which he/she is applying.
  • Reveal motor vehicle history: Some jobs require employees to operate a motor vehicle. A motor vehicle background check can detect issues such as DUIs, or other serious issues that could put the company at legal risk and that can endanger public safety.
  • Increase productivity: Background checks allow companies to function at peak efficiency by ensuring that only the best qualified candidates are serving in each position.


As a top staffing company in New York, we value our reputation among the leading companies in the city. These businesses count on us to provide them with the best pool of candidates possible. The way that this can best be accomplished is by carefully checking the credentials of each candidate. So while background checks may seem superfluous, they indeed protect the integrity of the process.