As surely as night follows day, great organizational skills lead directly to greater workplace productivity. This is why executives value this quality in their assistants. Assistants who are well organized are less likely to make mistakes, redo tasks and waste valuable time and resources. Adding great organizational abilities to your skill set also helps make you something that every smart employee wants to be – indispensible. This is why, as one of the leading staffing firms in New York, we recommend that you cultivate these skills as they will help you better manage your tasks and contribute to workplace efficiency.

Create a to-do list: Make a daily list of everything you have to do and cross out items as you complete them. This helps to keep you better organized and ensures that you will not forget tasks that have to be completed. Also, be sure to prioritize tasks in order of importance. Finally, if you fail to complete a task by the day’s end place it at the top of your list for the next day.

Take notes when you are talking to people: Be a meticulous note taker. This is especially important when being assigned new, complicated tasks and during business meetings. Doing this will reduce the chances than an error or misunderstanding will

Use a planner: Write in your planner appointments, travel plans, business meetings, etc. Keeping a planner will help you to organize your thoughts as well as your actions.

Keep a filing system: Make a master document and be sure to know the location of all files.

Organize your workplace: Keep the files, tools, etc that you use daily nearby in order to save time and increase productivity. Also, if you are just starting at a company, consider drawing a map of the area in which you will be working in order to move about more efficiently.

Start early: Do not deviate too much from your assigned schedule, but begin your day immediately by setting up your work space, planning your day etc a few minutes early. The extra time you put in will reduce the chance that you will be stressed throughout the rest of the day.

Use Apps: There are a variety of productivity apps for android and iOS and within Microsoft’s Office Suite. Make good use of tools such as Evernote, Harvest, Timestats, etc.

Finally, by using these tips you will see a corresponding increase in your productivity. Moreover, these practices are a good way to show your employer how dedicated you are to the job. Staffing firms in NYC like ours know that employers value such workers and consider them to be great assets to their companies.