Let’s be honest – sometimes the daily routine involved in performing even the most engaging job can become redundant and uninspiring. Think about it; you wake up, shower, eat, leave for work, sit in the same area, and perhaps perform the same duties over and over again. At times, you can feel a lack of motivation. However, as an employee you don’t have to be overwhelmed by feelings of listlessness and monotony. This sense of ennui can be conquered in a number of ways. Here are some tips for recharging your batteries and at the same time improving workplace performance:

Exercise before work: Sometimes a lack of energy to perform one’s job has a physiological cause. Try a light workout daily before work because experts say that this causes the cardiovascular system to work more efficiently. This in turn heightens your energy level for the day ahead.

Create a to-do list every day: Writing a to-do list keeps you more focused and commits you to accomplishing your daily goals. Tasks that are not completed by day’s end can be placed at the top of the list for the following day.

Find a mentor: An excellent way to stay motivated is to find someone at work that is willing to give you the guidance and support you need. For example, a person will usually be able to help keep you motivated since he/she will probably have dealt with occasional workplace lethargy themselves.

Spend time with co-workers: Getting the perspective of co-workers can keep you energized.

Take a 10-minute break each hour: Take a few minutes to stand up, walk around and re-focus on what you are doing. This can be extremely helpful in keeping your day from becoming monotonous. There may also be health benefits to these breaks as carpal tunnel syndrome can be offset by taking a break from the keyboard.

Set goals and milestones: Having long and short term goals to achieve at work are extremely helpful in staying motivated, and by accomplishing your goals, it will only reflect positively on you.

As one of the leading staffing firms in NYC, we at A-List Associates know that employees sometimes need a bit of a psychological pick-me-up from even their dream jobs. Moreover, employers appreciate employees who remain enthusiastic and motivated by their work. This makes the workplace more productive. Staffing agencies in New York like ours, deal with a lot of national and multinational firms and all of which strive on the morale of their employees as much as they do their experience and education. So, the next time you feel unmotivated on the job try using some of the tips above for your workplace boost.