Landing the perfect job starts with submitting the perfect resume free of errors, omissions and irrelevant information. These errors, in total, cost prospective job hunters choice positions every year. The worst part about it is that many applicants never find out where they went wrong in writing their resume. At A-List Associates we understand how important that first impression is to the people who do the hiring. At our executive assistant staffing firm in New York our screeners see many resumes and unfortunately many errors that can hinder an applicant’s search for the perfect position. Here are pitfalls to avoid when writing your resume.

Spelling and grammar mistakes:  A perfectly written resume could make you stand out among your competition. Go over your resume with a fine tooth comb, use spell check and have others read it in order to get a fresh perspective on it.  Common mistakes include overusing commas.

Avoid adding irrelevant work experience:  Think about the position you are applying for and how your past positions relate to it.

Don’t add your age: Reduce the possibility that you will be discriminated against on the basis of age by leaving out your graduation date and anything else that might indicate how old you are. This information is superfluous and could actually hurt your chances of retaining a position.


Avoid including incorrect information:  Submitting a resume that includes the wrong telephone numbers, addresses or even job titles sets off alarm bells for prospective employers. Double check all your information before you present your resume to hiring professionals.

Avoid giving all prospective employers the same resume:  No two employers are exactly the same nor should two resumes be the same. Take the time to craft each resume to each prospective employer. Doing this tells hiring professionals that you are aware of their particular requirements.

Avoid overly lengthy resumes:  Be as concise and to the point as possible when writing your resume. As a general rule, one page should cover every 10 years of work experience.

By avoiding these common mistakes you can make your resume stand out.  At A List Associates executive assistant staffing company in New York, we put our best foot forward to ensure that you are matched with the perfect job. Make the best presentation of who you are by submitting a carefully crafted, error free resume and we’ll do the rest.