Our company, and our clients for that matter, wants to make sure that only the best, most qualified candidates for any given position are hired.  Doing so saves money, time and effort for our clients and for potential job candidates.1720-business-man-offering-hand-shake-pv  Because proper screening is so important in filling any position, candidates are bound to be asked questions that will help determine their qualifications and motivations.  Some of the interview questions that are commonly posed to those who are seeking an executive assistant position are as follows:

Why do you want to become an executive assistant?  This seemingly simple question helps interviewers gauge a candidate’s passion for a particular profession.  When answering this question it is helpful for candidates to have done some research on the company and to ask themselves why they feel their skills, experience and knowledge would be an asset for the position.  If a candidate does not have a clear answer to this question he or she may wish to consider applying for a position other than the one in which they are interviewing.

What is your greatest strength?  With this question interviewers are attempting to determine whether or not you bring a special set of skills or unique experiences that match the position for which you are applying.  Think hard about what might make you stand out above other candidates for the position.

What is your biggest weakness?  This is the one question that all job applicants dread.  This is because it is a potential mind field.  Saying you have none makes you seem less credible.  On the other hand, making up a weakness that is actually an asset makes you seem less sincere.  Think about and name one of your small flaws in order to make a good impression on an interviewer

How do you prioritize tasks?  All businesses value executive assistant who possess strong organizational skills.  This questions helps interviewers gauge those skills and how you go about completely task that vary in importance.  As an executive assistant staffing company in NYC, we know that this ability is highly prized among our many Fortune 500 clients.

Why should we hire you as an executive assistant?  This question presents an excellent opportunity for you to highlight your skills, education and experience.  Think about how these and your personality and temperament make you an excellent fit for the position.

In the end, the best way to handle the many questions screeners will ask when you are applying for an executive assistant position is to be honest and forthright.  Screeners will value your honesty and integrity and you will ensure that you are a good match for the position for which you applying if your responses intelligently answer the interviewer’s queries.