Modern workplaces are an amalgamation of many personality types.  Some personalities are easier to get along with while others are shall we say challenging.  Peopco-workersle with different styles, different backgrounds, and different work ethics must come together and bond for the common purpose of creating a productive environment despite differences that might otherwise keep these individuals apart.  That is why being an effective employee is more than about having the qualifications to do the job.  It means being a team player.  It means knowing how to read people and how to respect and appreciate their differences and yes sometimes it means handling “difficult” personalities.  In order to make the most of your new job here are some tips for getting along with co-workers.

Smile and say hello:  It’s amazing how a smile or even simple acknowledgement can start a person’s day off to a good start.  Smile and greet co-workers as you pass them by.

Show interest in your co-workers: This may mean listening to your co-workers stories about their weekend but demonstrating concern for others will go a long way in establishing that you are a caring person.

Share credit:  No one likes a credit hog or braggart.  If you completed a project with the help of others then acknowledge that.

Make others feel appreciated:  Even if someone does something for you that was their job, thank them and let them know that you are grateful.

Don’t expect to like everybody:  Not everyone gets along with everyone else.  There are going to be personality conflicts as in any social situation.  Always remember, however, that you are both there for a common purpose – to make the workplace flow smoothly.

Avoid office politics:  Try not to pick sides in internal disputes and avoid gossip at all costs.  Stay neutral and always be professional.

Offer to help co-workers:  Go above and beyond your job description especially when it is obvious that a co-worker needs help with some task.

Finally, not everyone you encounter at work will go on to be your best friend for forever.  But it is in the best interest of you, your employer and everyone you work with to have a harmonious workplace where different personalities can come together and maintain workplace professionalism.  At A-List Associates we have years of experience as the top executive assistant staffing company New York.  We know what it takes for you to excel at the top firms our company works with.  In the end, every employer desires a workplace that is harmonious and productive.