The best way to become a professional who is in high demand is to make oneself indispensable in some way. This is certainly true of executive assistants; trust us on this one, we are after all the top executive assistant staffing firm in NYC. After all, an executive is only as productive, efficient and effective as his or her assistant is organized. That is why everyone who strives to become an executive assistant – or who strives to become better at it – should know those things that will make employers see them as a vital asset…person-801823_960_720

Take Notes: Be a meticulous note taker. This will not only help you to be better organized, it will also decrease any miscommunications between you and the executive. For example, when scheduling a meeting note the date and subject of the meeting along with any other needed details. Be sure to also note documents or other items that will be needed at the meeting as well as the date and time the meeting was confirmed and who the attendees will be. Make sure to notify everyone and include this on your and the executive’s calendar (with reminders).

Keep the lines of communication open between the executive and yourself: Again, this helps to eliminate any misunderstandings between the executive and yourself. It will also help you save time and effort as an assistant on incorrectly performed tasks.

Organize your files with effectiveness and efficiency: A well thought out filing system will save you time and effort when having to retrieve any information that your executive needs. He or she will appreciate your quickly being able to produce information that has been requested and it will make your work easier as well. Make the information you use most often easier to access.

Use Databases: Using a database helps by keeping all the information that the executive needs in order to maintain his schedule in a centralized location. Your database should contain things like client lists, contacts, etc. Become familiar with Microsoft Access or any other database program that the client uses.

Expand your knowledge: Be prepared to become familiar with all aspects of whatever your executive’s area of specialty is.

As a top staffing firm in New York we are invested in your success. We know – that as an executive assistant staffing firm in NYC – if our clients find your services invaluable, they will also find our firm just as indispensable to their businesses. Contact our staff here at A-List Associates if you feel that your skills would be useful to our clients.