Once again it’s that time of the year and the holidays are just around the corner. Did you know that holidays are actually a great time to take on a new hire?

Many job seekers think that December and January are inferior months for job hunting. People are without a doubt a bit more distracted by things such as festivities and family. What job seekers should know however is that those who keep at it during the holiday season are actually more likely to find a job over the holiday season. There tends to be less competition, people are in a little more of a receptive mood, and all those parties and gatherings overflow with networking opportunities. Tis the season to find employment!

Many individuals take the holidays off from job searching which is why there seems to be less competition. However, those who are still actively looking for work during this time are showing their determination and dedication


– two qualities of a great employee.

This is actually a great time for a new hire. If your company closes down and your team is unsure of hiring before the holidays, make the goal of actually finalizing the hire as of January (so that new hires get to begin first thing in January). This means that December is the perfect time to look for the best potential candidates, conduct necessary interviews, and take all of the necessary steps to look into their background. Basically, this is the perfect time to focus on vetting the candidates.


If you’re a company looking hire a new employee during this busy time of year but you are overwhelmed at the prospect of it, don’t worry. We have an eye for talent and we will get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Keep in mind, if you do find the right candidate during this time that you think will be the perfect member of your team you don’t necessarily have to begin training them right away. You can begin training after the New Year. Right now, you can take time to prepare your team for the new employee’s arrival. This is a perfect time to prepare and finalize all contracts and paperwork, to put someone in charge of training the new employee, and make sure that that individual is aware of their duties and responsibilities with the new staff. This also provides a great opportunity for your new hire to learn about your company and to go over any at home training materials that you have provided.

Long story short, whether you are looking to be hired or looking to hire during the holidays- this is essentially one of the best times for you to do it. It gives both of you time to adjust and prepare for the upcoming changes. And remember, if you need assistance with the job search on either end A-List Associates is here to help; we are an Executive Assistant staffing firm in New York and we have a proven track record matching ideal with candidates with the right companies.