Sometimes we find it’s best to take a step back and let our clients tell you about their experience with A-List…


When I first heard about A-List Associates, I was in a desperate position. I’m the CEO of a major hedge fund corporation in New York City with over 40 years of experience in business. I can count on one hand how many assistants I have had in my career, all of whom I have hired, trained, and developed on my own. I consider myself to be a positive and smart leader who measures her success by the growth of her employees. All of these assistants have gone off and created successful careers for themselves both in finance and in business and I am extremely proud of that.


However, last month, this all changed. I hired a great assistant last year, straight out of NYU’s MBA program. This person had confidence, great internship and work experience and most importantly had the desire to learn and grow. I was more than happy to bring this person on board to my team and was looking forward to again developing new and emerging talent. We made it through the first seven months without a hitch. This person was soaking up everything I was teaching them and we had a great working relationship, they were showing real promise. Until a couple of months ago when this employee quit, and quit very abruptly. I was completely surprised, not just because they quit out of the blue, but because they quit with no notice at all. I couldn’t have been more disappointed; I was also outraged at how unprofessional this person acted.


Needless to say, I was desperate and needed a new assistant in a pinch. After about a week without any help, the phone ringing off the hook and double-booking meetings, I needed to find a new assistant and fast. Because time was of the essence, and I certainly did not have the luxury of time to seek out candidates on my own, I reached out to top executive assistant staffing agencies in NYC. That’s when I found A-List Associates. Their team was fantastic, very responsive and thorough. I had one initial meeting with them to go through the qualifications and skills necessary for the position as well as what I was looking for in a strong candidate. Within a week they had pre-screened a dozen candidates and had narrowed down the list to four for me.


I have to commend A-List for bringing me such high-caliber candidates because within a week of my first interviews I had found, and hired, a great executive assistant; another MBA grad with great experience. I highly recommend hiring an executive staffing firm in New York, they made the transition I suddenly had to deal with seamless and I am very much looking forward to the future with my new executive assistant. I whole-heartedly recommend A-List Associates to my professional colleagues.