What makes the best candidate for the job? Work ethic? Integrity? A positive attitude? All of these things are good, of course, but they’re not enough. When you’re hiring for your company, there’s a tendency to treat your applicants like robots. Each has a rating for every dimension of productivity, and whoever adds up to the highest score gets the job. But you’re not dealing with robots; you’re dealing with people. Every applicant has a particular combination of strengths and weaknesses that can’t be summarized with numbers on a page. And neither can your company. No two organizations work exactly the same way, and they find success when their particular methods match their goals. So it’s not about looking for the most perfect applicant. It’s about looking for the most perfect fit. An employee whose personality and skill set harmonizes with the company’s culture and process.

At A-List Associates, this is our core principle, and it’s made us one of the top New York staffing agencies. We realize that no one understands your business like you do, but that you also have a business to run. You can’t afford to direct your resources towards hiring. That’s where we come in. We build relationships with our clients and our applicants. The first step is understanding you. How does your office function? Exactly what kind of employee do you need?

When we understand you, we can move on to finding recruits. Our years of experience have taught us the best ways to screen applicants and get a sense for their particular skill sets. We meet with each one in person and check all references. Throughout the process, we maintain active communication with your personnel departments and office managers to ensure that we’re on the same page. But we won’t be bombarding you with resumes. We narrow the applicants down to only the top candidates with the best fit. When you finally do interview applicants, you’re dealing with the best of the best.

At A-List Associates, we create matches that last. It takes talent to find talent, and for over 20 years, we’ve seen our recruits go on to improve our clients’ companies for decades. Our agents want to see your company prosper, and they’re excited to use their skills to help. We specialize in recruiting administrative assistants, executive assistants, office managers, and various other support staff. If your company is looking to expand, give us A-List Associates a call.